• Pinata color alcohol inks 9 starter set

Pinata Color Exciter Pack - Alcohol Inks

  • $39.50

Jacquard - Pinata Color Exciter Pack Alcohol Inks

  • Transparent highly vibrant colours ( Think of watercolours on steroids)
  • 9 dye base colours
  • 15 ml/ .5 fl oz per bottle
  • Large coverage using very little ink
  • Mixable colours
  • Mix with isopropyl alcohol (rubbing alcohol) to extend or revive dry inks for further working or techniques
  • Can be used in paint pours
  • Apply with brush, pen, air brush, stamp, sponge, spray bottlle
  • Use on porous and non-porours surfaces coated paper, glass, plastic, foil,  metal, leather, suede, vinyl acrylic rubber
  • Use it for resin arts, faux stain glass, staining leather, abstract, pours, graphics, airbrushing

9 Colours: Sunbright Yellow, Calabaza Orange, Señorita Magenta, Baja Blue, Rainforest Green, Passion Purple, Blanco Blanco, Mantilla Black, Rich Gold.