Daler Rowney

Daler Rowney -Simply Simmons XL Series Brushes up to 3"

  • $20.50

Simply Simmons XL Series Brushes

  • Fine quality synthetic  and natural filament brushes
  • Extra large 
  • Long 9 inch handles
  • For murals, drops, large canvases and supports
  • Perfect for oils, acrylics, temperas, watercolours, speciality paints
  • Flat, Filbert and  Round
  • Create lines, lay in large area of colour, 7 use a wash brush so many possibilities

Artist grade fine densely packed synthetic filaments allow for smooth control of strokes avoiding streakiness. The natural bristle allows consistent oil paint brushstrokes Its strength supports large applications of heavy body oils.

From 1" to 3"