• Liquitex Pouring Fluid Medium, 237ml & 946ml

Liquitex Pouring Fluid Medium, 237ml & 946ml

  • $21.45

Proudly Canadian made, Liquitex Pouring Medium can be used in combination with soft body acrylic colours to create seamless surfaces and puddles of colour. It is formulated to create a smooth, seamless, and strong body of paint when poured or dripped onto a surface.

Additional features:

  • Professional grade
  • Great for paint pouring, build painting and mixed media work
  • Resist crazing (crackling) in pouring in applications
  • Ideal for puddle pouring and acrylic sheets
  • High gloss and wet look when dry
  • Permanent, flexible, non-yellowing and water-resistant when dry
  • Can be mixed with soft body acrylics and watercolour
  • Do not mix with oil paints 

2 sizes:  237ml/ 8 fl oz,  946ml/ 32 fl oz.