• Request for Proposals: Unique Business Opportunity at Art Factory in Renfrew

    Background: Art Factory is a unique 10,384 sq/ft space on Renfrew's main street that integrates an Art Gallery, Art Supply Store, Art Studio, Art Classes, and Event Space/Venue Rental. Conceived and brought to life by poet and painter Patrick John Mills, this privately funded art center is set to... View Post
  • "Love on Fire" - Patrick John Mills is back!

    Last year, Renfrew artist and arts entrepreneur Patrick John Mills spent 52 days in a coma, 62 days on life support, and 99 days in hospital. He lost 86 pounds. He was not expected to live. From October 7 to November 4, Mills is celebrating his extraordinary recovery with a solo exhibition title... View Post
  • "You Will Be Offended"

    Group art show brings together abstract, figurative and sculptural art with a unifying message to break down walls Three internationally collected and award-winning local artists – Keith Busher, Jana Jaros, and Patrick John Mills – are coming together in a group show to be held at the Art Fact... View Post