• Tri-Art Acrylic paint True Colour set of 10 x 60 ml tubes

Tri-Art, True Colour Acrylic Set 10 Set, 60 ml tubes

Tr-Art True Colour Acrylic

  • Artist grade
  • 100% acrylic emulsion
  • Archival (will not yellow over time)
  • High viscosity
  • Profesional grade
  • Thick, smooth, full body consistency
  • Perfect for using with either brush or palette knife
  • High grade pigments no fillers added (colour will not change)
  • Set includes opaque, semi opaque and transparent colours
  • 60 ml tubes vs. other sets that sell 20/22 m
  • 10 colours widely used artist colours

Colours: Titanium White, Cadmium Yellow Medium Hue, Cadmium Yellow Deep Hue, Phathlo Blue, Crimson Red, Carbon Black, Burnt Umber, Ultramarine Blue, Napthol Red and Permanent Green Light.