• Tri-Art Cell Flow Pour Medium Silicone Oil 60 ml painting art

Tri-Art, Cell Flow Pour Medium Silicone Oil, 60 ml.

  • $8.65

Cell Flow Pour Medium Silicone 

  • Paint pouring medium creating cells
    • Cells give the same effect as placing oil drops on water. Just choose a colour you like to float or isolate and leave a background colour or mix all colours for a explosive composition
  • Silicone allows bonding for paint layers so  no flaking
  • Extra strength. It only needs 1-2 drops per colour
  • Less mixing creates larger cells a lot of mixing creates smaller cells
  • Skim surface lightly only to release cells don't over stroke or cells will be lost
  • Multi layer effect is achieved by allowing paint to dry completely ***  wipe *** to remove oil to allow second layer of cells or effect to bond

Link to Tri Art - Cell Flow Medium Silicone Oil