• Van Gogh Oil paint 200 ml colour color

Van Gogh Oil Paint 200 ml

  • $22.65

Van Gogh Oil Paint: Series 1 - $19.85, Series 2 - $46.45

Van Gogh oil paint have a playful consistency that allows for thick textures. These oil paints have a balance of pigment density and versatility that allows for creative manipulation of expression. Van Gogh oil paint offer strong and intense colours in a range of economical oil paints. The colours are good quality and have a uniform degree of gloss and thickness across the range. 

These oil paints are great for artists looking for quality and value. Van Gogh oil paints are pure-pigment paints that have consistent sheen and viscosity throughout the range thus requiring about the same time to dry. The vivid colours retain their brightness once dry while the high degree of lightfastness throughout the range maintains colour intensity over time.