• Tri-Art True Colour Acrylic Paint

Tri-Art, True Colour Acrylic Paint - 250ml

  • $19.65
Hasana Yellow Light - PY65
Hasana Yellow Deep - PY65
Primary Yellow - PY65/ PW6/ PY74
Cadmium Yellow Light (Hue) - PY3/ PY74/ PW6
Cadmium Yellow Medium (Hue) - PYY3/ PY74/ PW6
Cadmium Yellow Deep (Hue) - PY65
Naples Yellow - PY42/ PW6/ PR101
Yellow Orchre - PY42
Cadmium Orange (Hue) - PY65/ PO5/ PW6
Cadmium Red Light (Hue) - PR122/ PY65/ PW6
Cadmium Red Medium (Hue) - PR170/ PY65/ PW6
Cadmium Red Deep (Hue) - PR170/ PV19/ PW6/ PO5
Naphthol Red - PR170
Primary Magenta - PR122/ PR170/ PW6
Crimson Red - PR122/ PR101
Quinacridone Violet - PV19
Dioxazine Violet - PV23
Ultramarine Blue - PB29
Phthalo Blue - PB15:3
Cobalt Blue (Hue) - PB29/ PB15:3/ PW6
Primary Cyan - PB15:3/ PW6
Cerulean Blue (Hue) - PB15:3/ PW6
Permanent Green Light - PG7/ PY3
Phthalo Green - PG7
Hookers Green - PY65/ PB15:3
Chrome Oxide Green - PG17
Raw Sienna - PBr7
Burnt Sienna - PR101/ PBr7
Raw Umber - PBr7
Burnt Umber - PBr7
Paynes Grey - PBr7/ PV23/ PB15:3
Carbon Black - PBk7
Unbleached Titanium - PW6
Titanium White - PW6

True Colour Acrylic Paint is easy to manipulate with a brush or palette knife to achieve fine details or thick textures. The high viscosity paint is full-bodied with superior texture holding capabilities. True Colour is made with 100% acrylic emulsions and is free from fillers that alter pigments, opacity and finish. This manufacturing technique allows for higher chroma and excellent colour mixes.

  • 250 ml
  • 100% Acrylic Emulsions
  • Made in Canada